Koragaha Lodge Accommodation

Our Staff

Resident Manager and Chef Koragaha Lodge

Velaithan Vedanayagam (Veda)

Resident Manager and Chef

Affectionately known as ‘Veda’.

He is a third generation cook and learnt his trade initially from his family who served in the Up Country plantations as cooks in Estate Bungalows under the British during colonial times. Has worked as ‘caretaker’ in a number of small to medium sized boutique properties prior to his service at the Koragaha Lodge as resident Manager cum Chef. Has also served in the Le Meridian in Dubai.

Koragaha Lodge Team

Asanka Kumara

Housekeeper and Waiter

Lives with his wife and two children in a village close to the Lodge know as ‘Wilamulla’ (translated as ‘edge of the lake)’. Has had previous experience of working in hotels and being a family man was happy to join the team as it provides him an opportunity to travel to work from his own home. Asanka is your steward in the restaurant and he doubles up as a room attendant as well.

Koragaha Lodge Maintenance and Plantation

K. Somadasa

Maintenance and Plantation

Better known as ‘Hinni Maama’ by all and sundry. He is a native of the village where the Lodge is located. He and his family are probably one of the very few original settlers of Koragaha Ulpatha. He has spent the better years of his life as a farmer and now is employed at the Lodge. He is the run around guy who shuttles between the town of Tissamaharama and the Lodge fetching all our supplies.