Koragaha Lodge

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Koragaha Lodge Meal Plans

Meal Plans

The Lodge has an in house cook who is experienced in preparing Sri Lankan as well as a selection of Western dishes.  An extensive menu is available for you to pick from.

For guests who book the entire lodge we offer the option of bringing your own provisions and have the cook prepare them for you to your liking. Please contact us for rates for such visits.

Picnic breakfast or lunch can be provided for those who wish to do an extended safari.

Pick your own vegitables Koragaha Lodge

Pick Your Own Vegitables

We grow vegetables and fruit on the compound and guests are encouraged to go out into these patches and pick your own ‘veggies’ to be cooked to your liking at meal times.

Growing food in your own garden is also incredibly beneficial to the environment. You will be growing your food organically without using harmful and toxic pesticides and herbicides which pollute the air and water. You will also cut down on the fossil fuels used by the refrigerated trucks as well.

Koragaha Lodge Wildlife Safari game drives

Game Drives

Safari jeeps with experienced drivers can be contacted for you to enjoy rides into the park. Usually visitors do two game drives per day. Best times for viewing of wild life is at daybreak (6:00am to 9:30am) and late afternoon / evening (4:00pm to 6:15pm).

Park opening and closing times can vary depending on the time of year and such times are strictly adhered to by all safari jeep drivers.

Koragaha Lodge Dinner Experience in Forest

Dinner Experience in Forest

We offer our guests the unique experience of a dinner out in the open jungle. Our staff is experienced in laying out an array of food for you to enjoy whilst you a sore the beauty of night life in the open wilderness.

Koragaha Lodge Cycling


Two trails have been marked out by our staff where you can enjoy a bicycle ride through a typical village in Sri Lanka. Ideal for those who are used to a bit of a work out you can choose from a relatively paced out small ride to a 2 hour ride through jungle, paddy fields, lakes and during the rainy season a ride through chena cultivation.

Koragaha Lodge Lake Tour

Lake Tour

There are many man made lakes popularly referred to as ‘tanks’ by the locals, in the area. Many a nature enthusiast would enjoy the  observation of bird life in and around these lakes on an early morning tour.

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  •  Adhere to all park rules at all times.
  •  Make sure you wear comfortable clothing. It can get quite dusty so a simple mask to cover your nose would be advisable.
  •  Wear earthy colours and avoid bright colours.
  •  During the latter part of the year the air can be damp and chilly so be prepared with an extra layer of clothing.
  •  Do not make too much noise especially when observing wildlife at close quarters.
  •  Do not alight from your vehicle for whatever reason unless otherwise instructed by your guide.
  •  While you are in the Lodge please avoid playing loud music.