Koragaha Lodge


‘Koragaha Lodge’ is located in a little village known as Koragaha Ulpatha in Tissamaharama, Southern Sri Lanka. The village of Koragaha Ulpotha is a short 3km on the road leading to the historic Situlpawwa Temple and the lodge is just 15 minutes away from the entrance to the Yala National Park.  Set amidst a typical dry zone village in Sri Lanka you can experience village life first hand and enjoy the peace and quiet and simplicity that village life brings.

Pass Tissamaharama town and proceed towards Kirinda.

You will pass a ‘Y’ junction – the road to the left goes towards Kataragama and the one to the right towards Kirinda – take the right at this ‘Y’ junction.

You will pass a large lake (Yoda wewa) to your left and will drive over the bund of this lake.

As you pass the lake you will see a turn to the left signposted ‘Koragaha Lodge’. Take this turn. It is a carpeted road.

You will pass the ‘Uddakandara temple’ on your left about 2 km down the road. You will not miss this as there is a boat made of cement depicting Vihara Maha Devi landing on the shores of Sri Lanka

Proceed approx. 1km past the above temple. You will find a ‘Palu tree’ jutting on to the road on your left.

Diagonally opposite (on the right side of the road) this you will see a small boutique. The boutique is known as ‘Yapa aiyage kade’ (Yapa’s shop). You can ask anyone on the Situlpawwe road for this and they will direct you there.

Adjoining this is a gravel road going in. The villa is down this road on your right. You will see a signpost reading ‘Koragaha Lodge’ at this turn off.