Our Staff

 J.F. Dias (Dias)

Resident Manager 

Affectionately known as ‘Dias’.

His hails from the Southern City of Kalutara and currently lives with his family in Nikaweratiya in the Kurunegala District. He is the father of two teenage daughters.

He has been involved in the leisure industry for the last 10 years in various capacities. Prior to his service at the Koragaha Lodge, he has has served in several resorts across the country. Prior to that he has had experience in serving in the Middle East. Dias is an all rounder and is the go to man for all your needs. He will rally his team and do his utmost to ensure that you are made to feel at home at the lodge.

Koragaha Lodge Team

Asanka Kumara

Housekeeper and Waiter

Lives with his wife and two children in a village close to the Lodge know as ‘Wilamulla’ (translated as ‘edge of the lake)’. Has had previous experience of working in hotels and being a family man was happy to join the team as it provides him an opportunity to travel to work from his own home. Asanka is your steward in the restaurant and he doubles up as a room attendant as well.

Koragaha Lodge Maintenance and Plantation

K. Somadasa

Official Welcoming Officer & Narrator

Better known as ‘Hinni Maama’ by all and sundry. He is a native of the village where the Lodge is located. He and his family are probably one of the very few original settlers of Koragaha Ulpatha. He has spent the better years of his life as a farmer and now is employed at the Lodge. He was the run around guy who fetched all our supplies. He is now our official ‘welcoming officer’ who will meet and greet you at the entrance to the lodge.  He will keep you entertained with tales of folklore and history !