Koragaha Lodge

Our Story

The concept of Koragaha Lodge is to provide our guests the opportunity to enjoy the simple rural lifestyle in a typical village in Sri Lanka without compromising on any of the comforts that modern day life provides.

The lodge caters to the guest who wants to be pampered and be provided a personalised service.

The lodges and hotels in an around the Yala National Park either caters to the hard core wildlife enthusiast who would prefer the stereo typical ‘Yala Bungalow’ with its large verandah where you pull out all the beds in dormitory style and is perfect for a group of friends on a safari experience or the typical 50 / 60 room with its buffet style meals and everything else that goes with a large hotel. We deliberately designed the Koragaha Lodge for discerning traveler who enjoys a bit of comfort and pampering whilst being close to nature and not loosing out on the wildlife and a host of other attractions that Southern Sri Lanka has to offer.

The Koragaha Lodge is built on a 7 acre property of which approximately 5 acres are allocated towards an organic vegetable and fruit plantation. We encourage our guests to go into the field and pick their own vegetables which our staff will prepare for them at meal times.

Koragaha Lodge Our Story

The age old tradition in the Tissamaharama area where the Koragaha Lodge is located is that chena cultivation is concentrated during the rainy season only. We on the other hand believe that the rich soil in these areas should be made use of more productively. With this in mind we have installed a tube well which solves the issue that most farmers in the dry zone face – ie availability of water. The end state goal is that we become a model vegetable cultivation which will make use of modern farming methods such as drip irrigation and such which in turn will help farmers see its benefits and take on projects such as this on by themselves.